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  • International Name (active ingredient): Natamycin
  • Clinical-pharmacological group: Antifungal agents → Antifungal drugs for external use_ → Antifungal antibiotics
    Manufacturer: Temmler Italia Srl
  • Country of manufacture: Italy
  • Release form: 2% 30g cream for external use in a tube
  • Issuing mode: Group III (without a prescription)


1 g of cream contains:
Active ingredient: natamycin 20 mg
Excipients: cetyl ether fiber, decilloate (cetiol V), sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, propyl parahydroxy-benzoate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, cetosyl acetate, water.

Pharmacological properties
Natamycin - The active substance of the drug is a fungicidal polyene antibiotic with fungicidal action. Natamycin binds to cell membrane sterols, disrupting its integrity and function, leading to the death of microorganisms. Most pathogenic yeast fungi are susceptible to natamycin, especially Candidia albicans, some of the simplest (T. vaginalis). Less susceptible to dermatophytes. Natamycin resistance is not found in clinical practice among yeast fungi.

With external topical application is practically not absorbed from intact skin and mucous membranes.

Fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes caused by drug-sensitive pathogens, including:
• Vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, balanoposthitis, mainly caused by Canida fungi. 
• Candidiasis of the nails of the skin
• Otitis externa caused by fungi or complicated by candidiasis

• Dermatomycoses.


Rules and doses

In the case of vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, balanoposthitis, the cream is applied to the affected area once or several times a day. In the regular treatment of vulvitis, vulvoganitis caused by Candida albicans, pimafucin is prescribed in the form of additional tablets or vaginal suppositories. 
In case of dermatomycoses (including candidiasis of the skin and nails, irritation of the skin folds in children) the cream is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin and nails once or several times a day (4 times). During mycosis of the external auditory canal, apply to the affected area once or several times a day (4 times). The ear should be cleaned before using the drug. After using the preparation, a tampon made of natural material (cotton, wool) is placed in the ear canal. 
The duration of treatment is determined by your doctor. After the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to continue the treatment for a few more days.


Side effects
Rarely possible are mild injury, burning sensation at the site of drug administration.

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Pregnancy and lactation
Pimafucin can be used during pregnancy and lactation. There are no data on adverse effects on the fetus.

There are no data on an overdose of pimafucin.

Interaction with other medicinal products 

No data on the interaction with other medicinal products are available. 


Storage conditions: Store at a temperature of 15-25°C, out of reach of children. 
Shelf life: 3 years. 

Do not use the drug after the expiration date indicated on the package.