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  • Pharmacological group: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic and other prep.
  • Manufacturer: Borisovo Med / Pr Q-na
  • Country: Belarus
  • Issuance form: Group III over-the-counter
Active substance:
Ammonium sulfoichthyolicum
Healing properties:
Has a local anti-inflammatory, keratoplastic (provides epithelialization, tissue regeneration) and, to a lesser extent, antiseptic action, in large concentrations - keratolytic action.
Composition and release form:
It turns out:
25 g of Ikhtiol ointment in the form of 10% and 20%;
In the form of 1.0 and 2.0% ikhtiol solution;
In the form of rectal suppositories 0.2 g of ikhtiol.
ikhtiol contains a significant amount of organically linked sulfur in the form of a thiophene homologue.
Testimonials :
Ikhtiol is used topically:
  • For the treatment of various skin diseases (furunculosis, burns, eczema, psoriasis, red wind inflammation, etc.). Ikhtiol is prescribed in the form of 5-30% Ikhtiol ointment or baths (10-30% aqueous-alcoholic solution);
  • In inflammatory diseases of the small pelvic organs (parametritis, metritis, salpingitis, oophoritis, prostate) ikhtiol candles (0.1-0.2 g) and tampons soaked in 10% ikhtiol solution are used.
Terms of Use:
Ikhtiol is used for baths of 10-20% Ikhtiol ointment, 10-30% aqueous-alcohol solution for baths, candle and 10% Ikhtiol solution for wetting tampons with glycerin or as an addition to the soaked mixture.
Candles with ikhtiol - an anti-inflammatory agent for topical use, prescribed for inflammatory diseases of the small pelvic organs.
A 1-5% diluted mixture with ikhtiol soothes the superficial inflammatory process well and reduces the subjective unpleasant sensation.
Ointment with ikhtiol is used in stationary conditions as a reducing agent and in the regressive stage of psoriasis. The ointment causes reflex dilation of blood vessels in the skin. The resulting active hyperemia leads to the absorption of the infiltrate and thus the suppression of the chronic inflammatory process.
1-2% aqueous solution of ikhtiol is used as a bath for various dermatoses, acute eczema, and other lesions. 1% aqueous solution of ikhtiol is used for electrophoresis for rapid absorption of chronic infiltrates, for hypertrophic scars.
At higher concentrations (10% and more) ikhtiol preparations act keratolytically, providing softening and removal of the granular layer.
ikhtiol is used in its pure form for the treatment of furunculosis.
Pregnancy and lactation: No data.
Special instructions:
When using ikhtiol, it should be noted that alkaloids, heavy metal salts and iodine-containing salts are incompatible with its solutions.
Storage conditions:  Store in a cool place.
Conditions of release: Out of prescription.

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