Turmanidze Hemorrhoidal Ointment


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The ointment has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. It actively promotes the natural healing process of damaged tissues; relieves burning, itching, and external hemorrhoid discomfort; facilitates bowel movement, and significantly reduces pain during defecation.

Suitable for all age groups including children, pregnant women, and women after childbirth. It can safely be used by people with diabetes. Consult your doctor if you experience rectal bleeding, or if your symptoms persist.

ย USAGE: Thrombosed hemorrhoids; fissures; Paraproctitis (a stage of infiltrate); Hemorrhoids developed during pregnancy and after giving birth; Anal itching. Hemorrhoidal Ointment can effectively be used as a post-surgical treatment for Hemorrhoids and Paraproctitis.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Apply the ointment several times a day after washing the rectal area, especially at night, in the morning, and after each bowel movement. Putting an ointment-soaked non-hygroscopic piece of cloth is also recommended. Use the applicator for internal Hemorrhoids. Place some ointment of the applicator before inserting it into the anus. After insertion, press the tube to release an adequate amount, then gently remove it. Wash the applicator with warm water after every use. For achieving desirable results, continue the treatment for at least seven days.

CONTRAINDICATION: This does not cause allergic reactions.

SIDE EFFECTS: No side effects observed.

DRUG INTERACTION:ย No incompatibility with other drugs was reported.


STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place.

PRINCIPAL DISPLAY PANEL: 25g. Aluminum tube with an applicator.

Conditions of release:ย Out of prescription.