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  • International Name: BETADINE
  • Pharmacological group: Antiseptic
  • Manufacturer: Globopharm Pharmacist
  • Issuance form: Group III over-the-counter

Almost colorless or brown, transparent or almost transparent, homogeneous ointment.

Pharmacological group:
Local irritant.

Pharmacological properties:
Is a synthetic analog of capsaicin and exhibits an inhibitory property, which, after re-application of the drug on the skin, is manifested by the gradual penetration of the substance A-delta into nerve fibers and peripheral nociceptive C-fibers.

Exerts a direct vasodilator action.

Combined action:
Nonivamide and nicoboxil have a potentiating vasodilating effect on each other, which causes skin hyperemia, increases the speed of enzymatic reactions, activates metabolism.

A rise in skin temperature within a few minutes after application and the appearance of hyperemia indicate the rapid penetration of the active components of the drug into the skin. Finalgon action is manifested locally. The action of the ointment develops in a few minutes, the maximum effect is manifested after 20-30 minutes.

Arthritis, rheumatoid pain in the joints and muscles, sports trauma, bruises and damage to the yogic apparatus, muscle pain caused by excessive physical activity, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, bursitis and tendovaginitis.

As part of complex vascular dilator complex therapy in peripheral circulatory disorders.

Hypersensitivity to the drug, dermatosis. The ointment can not be applied to open wounds and areas of impaired skin penetration, neck, lower abdomen and inner thighs.

Method of use and dosage:
The column of ointment, not more than 0.5 cm of ointment, is placed on the corresponding area of ​​the skin (approximately the size of the palm of the hand) with the help of an attached applicator with a gentle stirring motion and the damaged area of ​​skin is covered with a woolen cloth.

In order to pre-warm up the muscles before physical exercise, sports competitions, it is recommended to massage them 30 minutes before the start. In the case of multiple-use, the reaction to the ointment may be reduced, requiring an increase in dose, which is determined individually. The ointment is applied 2-3 times a day.

Do not use the drug for more than 10 days without consulting a doctor.

After applying Finalgon on the skin it is necessary to carefully wash your hands with soap immediately.

Side effects:
Local allergic reactions such as rash on the face, swelling of the face, slight temporary irritation of the skin and burning sensation. If the drug is used in excessive amounts, the symptoms listed above may become more pronounced.

Effects with other medicinal products:
Impact with other drugs used topically or systemically is not known.

Special instructions:
Care should be taken to avoid accidental contact with other parts of the skin, eyes, nose, or mouth, as this may cause a harmless but unpleasant burning sensation.

Patients with sensitive skin should not take a hot bath or shower before or after placing Finalgon on the skin.

In case of excessive use of Finalgon, removing the ointment from the skin surface with the help of vegetable oil or nourishing ointment, or with the help of Vaseline from the eyes, its effect may be reduced.

Pregnancy and lactation:
As there is insufficient experience of use, the use of Finalgon during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended. There are no data on the penetration of Finalgon into breast milk.

Release form:
Ointment for external use. Aluminum tube covered with a plastic cap with a membrane hole. The tube, along with the applicator and instructions for use, is placed in a cardboard box.

Shelf life: 4 years. Do not use it after the expiration date.

Storage conditions:
The drug should be stored out of reach of children. The temperature should not exceed 25ºC.

Conditions of release: Out of prescription.